Today’s food manufacturers must successfully demonstrate they have a robust and intact traceability program in their facilities to ensure their food products are within established specifications, and to provide accurate nutritional information. General laboratory testing of a manufacturer’s product may include the following techniques:

Nutritional Labeling and Validation

Elemental and Heavy Metal Testing

Adulterants and Contaminants

Pesticide Analysis

Microbial Assay and Analysis

Shelf Life

Bakery and Confectionery


Oil Fats

Fruits & Vegetable

Milk & Dairy

Alcoholic Drinks and Beverages

Food Allergen Detection

Honey and Honey Products


Our strength is our commitment to be a problem solver while maintaining scientific excellence and meeting all testing requirements as per regulatory bodies like USDA, FDA.

Food and Agricultural products


Oil and Fats

Metals and alloys

Petroleum Products and Fules

Drugs and Pharmaceutical

Packaged Drinking Water

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